Bare Metal Solutions: Finding the Competitive Edge in Your Infrastructure

Bare metal solutions are the epitome of traditional data storage. In recent years, cloud hosting has risen to fame for its flexibility, elasticity, and connectivity – outshining dedicated hosting. While cloud is preferred for many applications, there are dozens of use cases where bare metal is better suited for the task.  

In this article, we discuss the advantages of deploying bare metal in your hosting infrastructure. We will also take a look at use cases where bare metal creates a competitive edge, and whether bare metal might be perfect for your next workload.  

Bare Metal Advantages 

Bare metal servers are physical servers and, therefore, avoid a lot of the virtual components that could drain resources. THG Hosting clients typically choose bare metal for the complete privacy of owning an entire server. However, there are many more advantages that are often overlooked, including: 

Dedicated resources 

Bare metal dedicates all computing resources to the task at hand. How much bandwidth you have at your disposal is entirely up to you and easily monitored within your hosting account. 

Highly customizable 

Physical servers can be built to meet your exact requirements. From extra RAID cards to the fastest GPU model, bare metal servers have the ability to become whatever the workload requires.  


Full control over bare metal servers allows for additional security measures including firewalls, end-to-end encryption, other environmental protection. 

Full control 

Bare metal administrators have full control over the environment with both root and IPMI access. Additionally, bare metal gives you more control over all aspects of your hosting infrastructure including cost, software, hardware, resources, and security.  


Bare metal servers are often less expensive than cloud models. Additionally, they are also more predictable from a bandwidth cost perspective.  


When compared to VM-based solutions, bare metal offers more resources and performance. Resources aren’t wasted on the hypervisor layer – saving you time and money.   

Use Cases 

THG Hosting clients rely on our bare metal solutions for an inherent advantage in their applications. Depending on the use case, bare metal has proven to be a critical element in many of our client’s hybrid-, bare metal cloud-, and hardware-based infrastructures, including: 

High bandwidth/ resource-heavy applications 

Use cases that include a heavy overhead benefit from dedicated bare metal bandwidth to cut costs without losing performance, speed, or power.  

Streaming – both live and media  

Bare metal is great for media and live streaming due to the dedicated resources, improved uptime, and availability, as well as the increased level of security.  

High-performance computing (HPC) 

In use cases that include a large amount of processing, bare metal servers with a GPU will outperform a standard CPU configuration by as much as ten times.  


Bare metal combines the power and flexibility necessary to develop a game. However, you’ll also capture the network and locations necessary to push a global launch.  


Bare metal has the speed, efficiency, and resources to generate data related to user profiles and assets. It also maintains the security clearance to keep classified data secure.  


Similar to high-performance computing, processing big data is easily achieved with a bare metal/GPU solution.  

Dedicated/increased security computing environments 

Whether a dedicated environment due to business, policy, law, or compliance, bare metal is the trusted solution.  

Should you build a bare metal solution? 

If you are in the market for a highly customizable, fully dedicated solution, bare metal is an attractive, low-cost option.  

They represent a blank slate of hosting performance. Whether you need your solution to be highly tuned for performance and processing or a completely secure dedicated environment, bare metal can meet your exact specifications while also meeting your budget.   

Contact our Sales team to begin designing your expert bare metal solution. Gain instant access to additional control, performance, and resources.