cPanel Price Increase: What You Need to Know

cPanel shocked the hosting industry on June 27, 2019, when they announced a considerable price increase to their control panel licenses. The news came after cPanel was acquired by Oakley Capital in August 2018. Pricing changes will affect both web hosting providers and users in the coming weeks and months. Learn more about how you may be affected below… 

What did cPanel change? 

Historically, cPanel has charged on a per-server basis for their control panel licenses. For example, server 1 has a single user and is billed $45 per month, meanwhile, server 2 is occupied by 100 users and is still only billed $45 per month. Each server required its own license regardless of the number of users.  

Moving forward, cPanel will charge on a per-user basis, which will dramatically change how much certain servers/users are billed. Industry reports state that some businesses can expect up to a 1000% increase in their cPanel expenses.  

New cPanel Pricing 

You can see cPanel’s new pricing Account Tiers in the image below. Please note that Solo, Admin, and Pro accounts are per user on a cloud basis. Luckily, these prices will not cause the same level of sticker shock as the Premier account. Notice that the Premier pricing states that the price is valid up to 100 accounts, after which each account is billed $0.20 each. It is this small statement that is causing many providers and end-users to switch to an alternate control panel. 

Many companies currently have more than a hundred accounts on one cPanel server. In fact, it is not uncommon to have more than a thousand users per machine. Hosting Review states, “Clearly, this change will have a massive effect on them. The more users per server a company will have, the bigger the price increase will be.” For example, a server with 1200 users will be charged $45 per month in addition to $0.20 x 1100 = $220, which amounts to $265 per month an almost 600% increase in price.  

How will you be affected by cPanel’s new prices? 

The unfortunate news is that if you plan on using cPanel in the future, you will most likely be affected by the changes. In the coming weeks and months, you will most likely receive news regarding your pricing changes. That is if you have yet to receive these communications already. The price increase is so great that there is no way to avoid passing the cost through to the end-user.  

Did the industry anticipate this change?  

Industry-wide reports state that cPanel’s changes came as a total shock. When asked this question, Hostinor author replied, “Absolutely not. […] The expectation was that we would see an approximate 20% increase but had planned to take a hit for around 50 – 70% without the need for ‘restructuring’.” Tech acquisitions often lead to industry changes that not all agree with and very few will be surprised if users opt for an alternate control panel in the future, even if some sacrifices must be made in the process.  

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