Guaranteed Performance For Your Hosting Solution With Managed Support

Need a hand with your hosting platform? No problem! Our dedicated team of Managed Support experts is happy to take care of your hosting management tasks.

Introducing THG Hosting Managed Support

THG Hosting clients choose us because we have the best hardware, incredibly low prices, a vast global network, and a full team to support. If you need total control but with guaranteed support, then this is for you. 

Our hosting experts will handle updates, daily management, troubleshooting, and more to boost performance and productivity while saving you time. We offer two package options to let you choose your level of support. 

From the moment you add Managed Support to your account, our expert support team will instantly action to configure, deploy, update, troubleshoot, and more. Choose and SLA time between 15-30 minutes, depending on your level of urgency.  Whether you are running one or one thousand servers, you can instantly take the stress out of managing your dedicated infrastructure. 

What is Managed Support?

Managed Support is a service we provide to THG Hosting clients to reduce the strain of managing a dedicated hosting platform. By adding this feature to your hosting account, you will instantly have access to our in-house experts to manage your dedicated infrastructure. Please note that Managed Support is added on a per-server basis. To add the Basic or Supreme packages, you must include it on each dedicated server listed on your hosting account. For more information, feel free to contact our support teams


Managed Support* includes 24×7 access to support via chat and ticket, server reboot and reload, hardware replacement, IPMI/KVM, a guaranteed SLA, performance troubleshooting, upgrades, domain management, control panel support and upgrades, DNA assistance, SSL installation, mail troubleshooting, software installations, assisted setup, server hardening, file permissions troubleshooting, cron assistance, and more. 

*Note that the features listed here are included in the Managed Support Supreme package. 

Protocols and Ports Covered By Monitoring

  • FTP (21)
  • SFTP/SSH (22)
  • HTTP (80)
  • HTTPS (443)
  • IMAP (143, 993)
  • POP (110, 995)
  • SMTP (25, 587)

Security Configuration

  • ModSecurity
  • Rkhunter (Scan)
  • SSH Lockdown
  • SSL installation and troubleshooting
  • Firewall (CSF+LFD, APF, PFsense)
  • ClamAV (Linux)(Scan)
  • Maldet (Scan)

Networking & DNS

  • Custom nameservers & IP configuration
  • DNS zone file and record management
  • Basic network configuration & troubleshooting
  • Spam filtering (SpamAssassin)


  • Cron/Anacron Cconfiguration
  • Data mirroring: scp, rsync, lsftp, & dd
  • CentOS. Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • File permissions troubleshooting
  • File system & high load management
  • LAMP install & configuration
  • Linux Kernel modules & upgrades


  • cPanel installation, migration, configuration, and backup configuration 
  • DNS Clustering Configuration
  • PHP Modules in EasyApache
  • Database restoration (from local DB or with .sql file)

Software / Applications Assistance

  • Configuration of Apache, Dovecot, EasyApache, Exim, WordPress, and best-effort support for third-party applications not listed
  • Mail Server Troubleshooting (Exim, Postfix, Sendmail, Smartermail)
  • MySQL Setup, Configuration, and Troubleshooting
  • Nginx configuration
  • PHP 5.x-7 management and configuration
  • R1soft server backups
  • Server Density Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Softaculous Installation
  • Webmail (Horde/Squirrelmail/Roundcube)

How to add Managed Support to your THG Hosting account:

To add Managed Support to your hosting account, you can add the service during the checkout process or by logging into your THG Hosting control panel and add it by clicking the Server Monitoring tab. Follow the steps presented to choose your Managed Support package. If at any time you need additional support, please contact our expert Sales team or simply complete the form below.