High-performance computing (HPC) and your business

Opportunities presented by high-performance computing (HPC) are expanding, with diverse use cases continuing to emerge. The benefits for businesses are immense. Extracting actionable insights from vast amounts of data is critical for every organization today. Over recent years, HPC technology has become increasingly accessible. Enterprises of all sizes can utilize this technology to solve complex business problems, achieve more, and grow without limits. Today, businesses can gain an edge over competitors by leveraging HPC to achieve more, at speed.

Supercomputers are being employed to perform extraordinary and vital tasks across the planet. Supercomputing has been integral to understanding the effect of the COVID-19 virus on human cells, producing integral information for vaccine development and testing. Researchers across four countries are utilizing British Columbia’s own supercomputing resources to conduct the first comprehensive study of global glacier retreat. In the world of eCommerce, HPC powers a superior consumer experience, garnering user data to deliver personalized marketing and content. 

Industry-leading enterprises, whether in the public or private sector, are leaders for this very reason; they are utilizing HPC to do what they do best but with a competitive edge. Research shows that the high-performance compute market for businesses will grow at an annual rate of almost 10% over the next two years. This is, in part, because HPC tech is more attainable today than it ever has been before. Data is at your fingertips and, if it remains untapped, you will likely miss out on opportunities to achieve more.  

How to make the most of HPC 

At the forefront of HPC is artificial intelligence (AI). No longer is AI the subject matter of science fiction movies. Enterprises capitalizing on AI-powered deep learning can efficiently apply data-driven actions to improve efficiencies and growth.  

In our recent webinar, we partnered up with computing and gaming giant, NVIDIA, to learn how businesses can utilize innovative GPUs to gain a competitive edge. GPUs accelerate high-intensity computing applications (find out more about GPUs in our recent blog), making them suitable for managing HPC workloads. Finding the ideal GPU solution to supercharge your CPU (central processing unit) is the first and, arguably, most important step on your HPC journey.  

It’s important to be clear about what you want HPC to do for you. Your HPC technology will be built around your requirements. The infrastructure, PoC, and the solution itself depend on your objective, so defining what you want the technology to do for your business is vital.

We work with clients to customize their infrastructure according to their needs. Regardless of your preferred operating system, platform, and approach to application delivery, we can facilitate it, enabling you to test and deploy applications securely and easily, whenever and wherever you need to. 

Global experts, customizable infrastructure

We offer a wide range of NVIDIA GPUs, tailorable to your needs and capable of diverse AI, HPC, and accelerated computing workloads. Our server packages ensure your specific server platform matches your accelerated computing application, achieving superior performance. 

Our superfast network, coupled with up to 10Gbps connectivity, provides low-latency throughput wherever you need it. Backed by the overall capacity you expect from a worldwide provider, we can deploy and support hundreds of your servers in any of our global data center locations. 

Level up your operations with our world-class facilities. Schedule a consultation with an HPC expert today.