THG Hosting Answers Bare Metal Infrastructure Questions

Choosing the perfect bare metal infrastructure for your workload does not always lead to an obvious choice. Shared hosting is great for small to medium-sized hosting accounts. Virtual servers are great for surges in traffic and demand.

However, what about demanding, large-scale projects? Are dedicated platforms always best? What about a combination of both physical and cloud? Here we answer questions you may have about bare metal infrastructure to help you choose the best platform for your workload.

Q. What are bare metal servers? 

A. Bare metal servers are dedicated machines that sit in data centers to host digital data. Bare metal servers are different from virtual private servers and shared hosting. This is because the whole machine is dedicated to one user with all of that machine’s resources devoted to one purpose. Shared hosting and virtual private servers share space on the machine as well as the resources involved. 

Dedicated bare metal servers have the performance, power, and longevity that makes them perfect for long-term storage and compute. Additionally, clients use bare metal servers in combination with GPU and VPS configurations for affordable bandwidth and power.  

Q. Can you customize a bare metal servers solution? 

A. Yes, clients choose bare metal servers due to the control and customization the solutions offer. You can customizer bare metal servers at a hardware level or at a software level. Dedicated server owners have full root access to the server. This includes the ability to start and stop the server when desired. 

Additionally, bare metal servers can be utilized when building an infrastructure combining the power and control of bare metal with the flexibility and speed of a virtual instance in a bare metal cloud infrastructure (also called virtual instances). 

Q. What are the most common bare metal use cases?

A. Clients choose bare metal servers because they add a low cost, high bandwidth option for hosting infrastructures. Use cases include high bandwidth or resource-heavy applications, media and live streaming, high-performance computing (HPC), gaming, fintech, analytics, and additional security and computing-heavy environments. You can learn more about bare metal infrastructure use cases in this THG Hosting article.

Q. Why choose a bare metal server?

A. The reasons to choose a bare metal server can be broken down into four main reasons. Clients prefer the performance, cost, security, and reliability bare metal servers provide. 


Customize and optimize your dedicated hosting environment to meet your exact specifications to meet and exceed your workload. 


Bare metal infrastructure is a time-proven inexpensive source of bandwidth, storage, and connectivity. 


No shared space and full root access equate to completely isolated data and applications for increased privacy and security


Our fully redundant data centers ensure that your connectivity is rarely interrupted. Most importantly, THG Hosting guarantees uptime to 99.995% to keep you online longer.

Q. What chassis are available?

A. You can choose from the following bare metal chassis for your bare metal infrastructure:

  • Microcloud: A cost-saving, high-performance option with two drives. Perfect for basic configurations and solutions that do not need additional hardware. 
  • 1U – 4U Configurations: Space-friendly chassis that allows up to 24 drive bays to accommodate your additional or add-on hardware requirements. 

Q. How do I choose a bare metal server?

A. Understanding your workload requirements can take some trial and error. THG Hosting’s infrastructure specialists can help you build a custom quote to meet your exact requirements. Simply contact us and we will work with you to build, provision, and deploy the hosting solution you need. 

Q. Why choose THG Hosting?

A. THG Hosting is the infrastructure arm of The Hut Group. We have spent more than twenty years investing in our global data center footprint and industry-leading network. Above all, we have more than 29 data center locations, world-class hardware, and 24-hour expert support. THG Hosting has everything you need to build a bare metal infrastructure with resources you can count. Start building today by test driving a server today. You can simply contact our expert Sales team to start building today.