THG Hosting API: Your Secret Weapon

At THG Hosting, our ultimate goal is to arm our clients with the best tools, services, and expertise we can. By providing you with the proper elements needed for your web hosting solution, we can succeed as a partnership. Our API is our secret weapon, used to help THG Hosting clients reach their goals.   

Today, we will focus on helping you learn more about the THG Hosting API and exactly what makes it special. If you are looking for increased agility and a decreased time to market, then this post is for you. 

What is an API? 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Let’s break it down for context: 

Application: A software program. This could be anything from a desktop computer program to website software – Microsoft Word to Google Maps. 

Programming: The coding that makes up the blueprint of a software program.

Interface: The way two software programs speak to each other 

Putting these three words together, an API is simply the code that allows two software programs to speak to each other. In other words, as Greg Sleter writes for GovTech, an API “at its most basic acts as a door or window into a software program, allowing other programs to interact with it without the need for a developer to share its entire code.” 

Better, faster, stronger 

APIs are used to work beyond typical server limitations to include third-party services and applications. By utilizing tools like Google Maps or Twitter, an API can allow for automation, planning, control, and scheduling not typically available to programmers. Businesses typically take advantage of an API to increase productivity, agility, and mobility when creating new applications and services. 

Put simply, an API is a great tool for building software applications. It acts as a go-between to help two different programs communicate effectively and quickly. Ultimately, an API should make programming easier, and as a consequence increase productivity.   

An excellent metaphor for APIs is to think of Lego building blocks. Lego pieces snap together seamlessly because they follow a very specific protocol in the shape and depth of each connecting piece. Through the size protocol, children (and let’s be honest, a lot of adults) can use Lego to build giant masterpiece sculptures. However, if even one of the Legos used in the sculpture doesn’t match the protocol or routine, it will create instability that may or may not cause the sculpture to crumble.   

What can an API do for me?   

While the THG Hosting API functions exactly as you would expect, there are some additional elements that we are particularly proud of. Our API allows for more control from a user perspective, a surprising element to many of our new clients. This extra control within our API is due to THG Hosting data centers. 

Our data centers focus on the usability of our API. All of our services work around best-use scenarios to support our interface. Backup servers, disaster recovery, and networked and software-based services are all in an effort to support our API rather than adding our API as an afterthought. Each core infrastructure service and product are accessible. 

In essence, it can expand your capabilities beyond the usual constraints with an API. Reach beyond your server to incorporate third-party services and applications in no time at all. The THG Hosting API allows you to automate processes that would normally need to be hard-coded into your platform. Through an API you can automate, manage, and optimize your platform while also saving time, money, and effort. 

Harnessing the power of your own API 

Beyond your hosting platform, APIs are beneficial outside of your internal infrastructure. Utilize the THG Hosting platform to develop your own API and reap the benefits. When the pros and cons of having an API are looked at, the good elements far outweigh the bad. Here are a few of the benefits of your organization adopting the use of an API: 

Integration partnerships 

Possibly the best reason to get an API is that it can form a strong partnership between two businesses. When a business integrates with another software, it aligns itself with the values and reputation of that brand. An API facilitates valuable business alliances. It also allows businesses to piggyback on the positive consumer perception of another company. This is true for both the company that offers the API and the company that uses the API. Although, typically, the company that offers the API has a more established reputation. 

Added value to your product 

Another way APIs can benefit a business is by providing additional benefits to your customers. When a business offers data from another company via an API, they provide a higher-value product for their users and increase the value proposition. This also opens the possibility of increasing the price of a service, as the wider range of information or features offered in their software using the API justify a higher rate. This will have the positive effect of making your customers happier and producing a higher income for your product. 

Enhanced visibility and increased reach 

If your company offers an API, it can also increase market visibility and, as a result, enhance consumer perception and drive your company reach into additional audiences that it may not have been previously. Consider the API for Google Maps. Many companies use this API in a variety of ways, the most common is quite simple: to show the location of the business on a map. Google Maps increase their brand’s visibility by appearing in a large number of software and websites. It is viewed as a high-value, sought-after product. As Chris Ward writes for SitePoint, APIs can scale your market reach and thus “broaden your potential reach with little work and investment, perhaps only requiring better infrastructure.” 

Reduce workload 

Another advantage of using another company’s API is that it will be less work for your software to perform. It’s a bit like outsourcing your work. If you’re not a carpenter, you wouldn’t undertake to add an extension onto your home. It would take much longer, be more expensive, and produce poor results. In the same way, an API offers a valuable resource without having to hire a team of subject-matter experts and software engineers. Instead, you offload the work to a company that will be able to produce a high-quality product. Then you’re able to offer this as a part of your company’s services. The other company does the heavy lifting via its own software, and you reap the benefits. You also allocate the capital you would’ve used to grow your business in other ways. 

Cloud-based computing 

Many people don’t realize that by utilizing an API they are building a bridge to the cloud. this is a huge aim for IT decision-makers lately. If you have an aging software system, building an API can be just the ticket to catching up to modern companies and software systems. All without having to entirely rebuild your digital infrastructure. When part of your software’s functionality takes place in the cloud, you’ll be able to be more agile with your innovation and produce more efficient, up-to-date results for your users. 

Working in real-time 

Data has never moved faster than it does today. Accessing an outside API gives you the competitive advantage of accessing data in real-time to be a step ahead. Previously, documents were sent by email or, even slower, snail mail; after that, the data had to be entered into a system before it could be used. With the help of an API, data is updated in real-time, and waiting time is eliminated completely. With AI and machine learning becoming more prevalent, analytics from this data can be automatically put into action. This will transform your business into a constantly improving, optimizing, and ideally positioned machine. 

Making it easier for customers to access your company 

When a new client starts their relationship with your company, typically the first step is to create an account. This can take multiple forms, from adding them to a CRM to creating a username and password. Whatever steps might be involved – no matter how small – they are steps that might cause a prospective client to choose not to interact with your business. On the other hand, if that customer can access your data via another company with the use of your API, they develop a relationship with your company and with no sign-up required. They become somewhat of a back-end customer through another company, yet nonetheless, they utilize your service. 

Why choose THG Hosting?   

THG Hosting has spent the last twenty years perfecting our platform. From our 50+ data centers to our outstanding staff, every aspect of your hosting experience has been scrutinized and optimized. Our highly resilient platform is specifically designed to give you the competitive edge you need to survive and excel in the highly disruptive digital world.   

One of our secret weapons for helping our clients find success is our API. It helps cut down your time to market, while also increasing your efficiency and operational agility. Our API is a major element in making sure that developers get exactly what they expect from our tools and services. Take a look at the THG Hosting API and exactly what it can offer you. 

The THG Hosting platform offers: 

  • Our outstanding API used to automate and simplify your infrastructure 
  • Expert support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year 
  • A global data center footprint to cut latency and boost redundancy 
  • A flexible SLA with outstanding uptime and customized billing 
  • Always-on high-bandwidth network   

Let us find your solution… 

APIs are all over the place in the computer world. They facilitate all kinds of operations that we take for granted. Windows uses APIs in numerous ways. For example, when you copy and paste from one application to another, an API makes that happen. When it comes to using a B2B API, there are some excellent advantages. 

If our excitement about the capability and advantage created by our API has piqued your interest, there are a few ways you can learn more about our services. Visit THG Hosting to see a full list of our tools and services. You can also see exactly how we can help you increase productivity, no matter what the industry. From Big Data to Gaming, our specialized solutions can help you design the perfect platform to meet your requirements. Feel free to contact our sales team today. Learn exactly how we can help your business find success while also saving you time and money. 

Our expert solutions architects would love to help you boost your business mobility, agility, and resiliency. We can evaluate your existing platform and look for ways to boost your on-demand infrastructure. Unlock value, speed, and productivity with the THG Hosting API today. Contact our sales team today to see what THG Hosting can do for your business!