THG Hosting’s Networking Expert Discusses Infrastructure on Kernel of Truth Podcast

Recently, THG Hosting’s own Network Manager, Anton Karneliuk discussed Infrastructure as code on the Cumulus podcast Kernel of Truth. Don’t miss it! 

THG Hosting on the airwaves 

In the December 17, 2019 episode of Kernel of Truth, host, Brian O’Sullivan discusses a real-world use case example of infrastructure as code with Anton Karneliuk. Anton currently builds and operates THG Hosting’s global data centers while also being our general network expert. 

“Anton’s main mantra: there are no service providers’, enterprises’ or data centers’ networks. There are just applications, which must be connected in a certain way.” – Kernel of Truth 

What does infrastructure as code mean to you? 

“When I think of automation and infrastructure as code, it’s starting with the basic concept of just using a tool like Ansible or Salt to push the configuration and keeping source code in control with something like GitHub or GitLab,” explains Pete Lumbis, Technical Marketing Engineer at Cumulus Networks. He continues, “So, you have that configuration and those definitions stored in a way you can track and collaborate.” 

Anton explains that THG Hosting began looking at infrastructure as code as a necessity when building new data centers. THG Hosting is consistently and quickly expanding our global footprint by adding new data center locations each year across the US and Europe. Data centers are often built in the span of two weeks, meaning that we required automation to be implement configuration.  

Meeting customer’s requirements 

Anton explains that our customers required data in a specific location and in a very short period of time. He tells Brian, “we have a clear business objective to deliver the data and make sure that the customer is happy” and infrastructure as code helps us meet these requirements. 

According to Anton, “From our perspective, infrastructure as code is the ability to model our network infrastructure, our server infrastructure somewhere and then to be able to provide the data and make sure it is accurate. We can then extract it, process it somehow, and transform it into proper configuration actions down to the network elements.” 

Building data centers 

A lot of testing, preparation, and teamwork is necessary to build data centers in such a short amount of time. Anton explains that while we use Ansible and Python, “our tools are only as good as we can put them to use.” It’s important to THG Hosting that we keep the process as streamlined, replicable, and automated as possible. Simplifying our processes allow us to act quickly and efficiently. As Anton explains, “It’s always better to have one tool to get the job done than two.”  

“Our tools are only as good as we can put them to use.” – Anton Karneliuk 

Get the scoop 

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The THG Hosting infrastructure 

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