Virtual Private Servers: From VPS Solution to Virtual Playground

A VPS, or Virtual Private Servers, fulfill the need for when businesses and individuals have outgrown the limitations of shared hosting, but don’t require the resources of a dedicated server – or at least not all the time.  

VPS Advantages 

Virtual private servers have a plethora of uses. However, the majority of THG Hosting clients choose a VPS for the following reasons: 

  • Price – VPS packages allow you to only pay for what you use rather than an entire dedicated server that you may only use fully during peak traffic periods.  
  • Scalability – Instantly scale VPS nodes up or down depending on what is needed at that specific moment in time.  
  • Elasticity – A VPS solution will grow with your business or organization to meet your needs at any given time frame. 
  • Security – Since VPS are partitioned privately and isolated from other hosting accounts, they have a much higher level of security than their shared counterparts.  
  • Network – VPS allows users to store their data in various locations to cut latency and boost availability.  
  • Accessibility – Unlike shared hosting, VPS clients have root and IPMI access to their hosting solution. 
  • Customization – Similar to accessibility, VPS clients have much more control over their instances and can install and reboot when necessary without contacting support.   
  • Performance – Dedicated resources allow for greater performance and SSD or NVME storage creates faster read/write speeds than what is typically seen in shared hosting.  

Top VPS Use Cases 

Personal Server 

There are dozens of reasons to have a server for your own personal use that range from learning new applications, hobby programming, development, or to create custom or private game environments.  


It’s imperative to test new applications in an independent server environment. Dedicated servers are often too expensive for sporadic use. Instead, users prefer a VPS environment. They are inexpensive enough to have on hand and customizable enough to test out all applications.  

File Storage/Sharing 

When storing and sharing large or complex files, it is sometimes best to store them virtually as not to burden your regular systems. VPS is a perfect solution for storing large files while keeping them readily available when needed.  


As one of the most popular reasons to host a VPS, VPNs are easily created, utilized, and even resold to other users. VPN users prefer virtual private servers because they are inexpensive and secure.  


While you often hear about gamers using dedicated servers for gaming, a VPS can host a game just as well. Games like Minecraft, RuneScape, and other less graphically demanding games are perfectly suited for VPS.  

Proxy Server 

Virtual private servers are also used as a proxy to hide a user’s IP address. By doing so, VPS clients add an extra level of security between their local machine and the servers they are accessing.  


VPS solutions are great for creating copies of websites and files that you make changes too or could be corrupted at some point in time. A VPS acts like your very own, completely secure cloud storage server.  

Video/Audio File Management 

Many VPS clients choose to store large files like video and audio on virtual servers to avoid bogging down either their systems – whether they are using a regular desktop computer or a larger storage solution like a dedicated server.  

THG Hosting VPS 

Starting at only $5 per month, VPS provides the flexibility you need to run business applications while also having the ability to add resources to handle peak traffic times. Contact our expert Sales team to learn more about the reliability, speed, and security of virtual servers.