What can you do with our VMware Managed Cloud service offering?

Our new VMware cloud platform offering enables users to take advantage of the latest software technology offerings, such as software‐defined data centres and cloud management. 

The solution offers a flexible, cost-effective, and modern architecture tailored around your specific requirements. 

Who is VMware? 

VMware is a global software leader specialising in cloud compute and virtualisation. At the forefront of virtualisation technology, VMware has been deployed by over half a million customers worldwide, serving a variety of industries from retail and manufacturing to telecommunications. 

What does VMware do? 

VMware changes how server workloads operate by distributing the work of a virtual server across multiple physical hosts. Each host is enabled to run multiple virtual server instances, enabling users to customize network architecture and significantly improving service quality. 

Why choose VMware with THG Hosting? 

With data centres in over thirty locations across five continents and a customer-centric approach to innovation, THG Hosting is trusted by more than 120,000 clients in over 90 countries.  

Our Opex-led finance model protects existing IT investments; monthly charges also ensure no unexpected costs. 

Due to our partnerships with leading IT vendors and distributors, our data centres are packed with state‐of‐the‐art hardware. Not only do we offer a wider reach than any of our competitors, but we work with our clients to deliver a bespoke service offering to meet their ever-changing needs. 

Our customers operate with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their security requirements are in expert hands; patching and scanning are part of our standard service operations, plus ISO27001, SOC 1 & 2, HIPAA, PCI Compliance, EU Model Clause, EU Privacy Shield, and more.  

We are innovators in our field and meeting the changing needs of our customers is our priority. Our VMware product portfolio is growing fast; we are continually expanding the service offering for our infrastructure and working with our clients to build solutions which support growth and improve user experience.   

VMware Managed Cloud product offering 

VMware Cloud Director 

THG Hosting is one of the few VMware providers currently offering this unique cloud management service provider platform. VMware Cloud Director provides an intuitive VMware cloud-based administration model of Virtual Machine based resources (such as compute, network and storage). The platform delivers a familiar and efficient experience for cloud administration teams who may be more familiar with on-premise VMware environment management. Users have total control of sophisticated network configurations in order to deliver increased delivery effectiveness.  

VMWare NSX-T  

The successor to the NSX-V platform (inherited by VMware from SDN pioneers, Nciria), THG Hosting is one of the few providers offering VMWare NSX-T and its direct integration into the Cloud Director platform. The network visualisation platform enables users to implement virtual networks on physical ones within their server infrastructure; users can dynamically initialize, control and manage networks and security through a suite of basic networking elements including routing, firewalling, and load balancing. 

For more information on how THG Hosting and VMware can deliver the ultimate virtualisation and cloud hosting solutions for your business, talk to one of our product specialists to find out more.