How Our Infrastructure as a Service Solutions Benefit Your Business

IaaS & Dedicated Hosting

As a long-established hosting partner with a presence on five continents, THG Hosting is ideally placed to handle your IaaS and dedicated hosting requirements. Our global footprint includes over 7,500 servers in 50+ secure data centers, making us the ideal partner for IaaS at scale.

Building your infrastructure with THG Hosting enables you to achieve:

  • Large Scale deployments
  • High Throughput Infrastructure
  • Full Client Control
  • Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
  • 30+ peering & transit partners
  • Bare Metal dedicated resources


As one of the four pillars of cloud computing, IaaS is a scalable and flexible computing infrastructure hosted and managed online. It provides a cost-effective alternative to buying physical servers, since it expands and contracts in response to real-time demand – meaning you only pay for the services you’re using. THG Hosting handles the infrastructure and hardware, allowing you to install and operate whatever software and IT projects you want or need, from OS to apps. It’s the perfect infrastructure for testing and developing new services, hosting websites with variable traffic volumes, and running HPC processes including big data analysis.


We know all about the hardware required to underpin a dependable and powerful cloud network. For over 20 years we have provided businesses around the world with stable hosting, with minimal CapEx costs and ongoing billing that directly reflects usage. In addition, because we’ve been continually refining our services, our next-generation bandwidth and data solutions are among the best in today’s market. Whether you want a secure and superfast bare metal setup or a large-scale international deployment, our resources are at your disposal as and when you need them. Our highly-trained support staff are also available around the clock, offering help and advice.


1. Global Scale

THG Hosting has seven cutting-edge data centers, from Salt Lake City to London and Frankfurt. We’ve also built partnerships with carefully chosen service providers, giving THG’s IaaS clients access to dozens of other high-power data centers across five continents. They all offer uninterruptible power supplies and optimized cooling, with biometric access and round-the-clock video surveillance of secure server cabinets. Stability is the watchword at every location, ensuring your business canfocus on its day-to-day operations. Crucially, our global network means we’ll have a presence near the internet exchanges your users and customers rely on in these increasingly mobile times.

2. High-Throughput Infrastructure

Your IaaS solutions can be customized to suit your precise requirements. Need GPU servers for intensive data analysis? We can deliver high-power computing capabilities in real time. Running high data egress applications? Our high-throughput infrastructure can include 2 x 10Gbps connectivity. Looking to expand your firm’s archives and data storage? Tell us how many terabytes you need, and it’ll be at your disposal. We can support billions of actions or transactions in industry-leading time.

3. Full Client Control

As an expert in your chosen industry, you’ll probably want granular control over the services we provide. THG Hosting’s IaaS solutions include full client control, allowing you to link to your servers using our Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). This remote system management tool gives you full overview of your network’s performance. IPMI is also endlessly flexible, rapidly scaling inresponse to realtime fluctuations and only billing you for services rendered.

4. Peering & Transit

While our industry-leading data centers offer high-performance hosting and completely dependable service provision, we have also diligently built relationships with dozens of peering and transit partners. Collectively, this ensures you have the best bandwidth and data solutions for your mission critical workloads and infrastructure needs. Our infrastructure also dovetails with your existing public cloud workloads, whether they’re hosted with AWS or Azure, IBM Cloud or Google Cloud. We offer uncontended bandwidth and unmetered inbound and private network traffic, along IPv6networks with full redundancy and intelligent traffic routing. This robust, high-speed connectivity ensures your clients won’t waste a millisecond waiting for the services you offer.