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THG Hosting excels at creating customized solutions to meet your exact requirements. Our made-to-order deployments empower you with ultimate control and ample storage, bandwidth, and high-performance capabilities. Every customer receives 1x1 dedicated account management focused on your success and data needs. From custom configuration and deployment to 24/7 expert technical support, THG Hosting is not the average web host. As your partner in data management, we are determined to help you reach your goals.

Customized Solutions

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Unleashed & Unlimited

Since 2011, Mixcloud has depended on THG Hosting's infallible infrastructure and global data center locations to support their streaming platform. As the UK's leading digital audio streaming platform, Mixcloud needed ultimate bandwidth and redundancy as a foundation to underpin their listening experience. Through our partnership, Mixcloud was able to increase their upload capabilities from 100Mb to 500Mb while also meeting their budget requirements and reach more than 15 million active users & over 1 million curators.

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By partnering with THG Hosting, Restream has successfully live streamed 60 million broadcasts to nearly one billion viewers. With thousands of broadcasts streaming per minute, Restream relies on the robust global network of THG Hosting to provide the coverage, speed, and results their platform and viewers require. We handle the behind the scenes data technology so Restream can focus beyond the technology used and look towards continued growth and global expansion.

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I have been very impressed with how resilient and robust the overall network infrastructure proved to be.

- AYK Solutions

Switching to THG Hosting has helped us significantly reduce load times and greatly increase overall reliability.

- Gosu Gamers

THG Hosting's 10Gbps network comfortably met our demands and we've been more than happy with the support.

- Mixcloud

Why Customers Choose Thg Hosting

24/7 Expert Support

Have a question about your services? No problem. Our expert support staff is available around the clock.

Account Management

Our expert account management team professionally and reliably assists customers with all hosting needs including helping you design customized solutions.

Full Data Privacy

Nobody will have access to your server, not even us. We guarantee your privacy and do not share information with anyone ever.

Peering & Transit

We have partnered with Tier 1 transit providers to bring you the ultimate connectivity and speed available.

Unthrottled Traffic

Never deal with throttled bandwidth again. THG Hosting is full speed all the time.

IPMI Access

Have full control over your dedicated server with total IPMI access. Your server, your control.

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