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Restream Case Study

By partnering with THG Hosting, Restream has successfully live streamed 60 million broadcasts to nearly one billion viewers.

Introducing Restream - a global streaming platform

Restream is the most popular platform for content creators, entrepreneurs, businesses, marketers, and influencers for streaming live to multiple platforms simultaneously without additional hardware or infrastructure.

“At Restream, we keep nurturing our product portfolio to empower content creators to reach wider audiences, and brands to spread their messages throughout a massive network of streamers.”

Alex Khuda, CEO & Co-Founder Restream Logo

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+4 million monthly broadcasts delivered

+300 million monthly engaged viewers

Combine several streams into one live view

+200 servers deployed

+10 thousand broadcasts per minute

Restream use cases include:

  • Product launches
  • How to demonstrations
  • Company updates
  • Q & A
  • Live events
  • Live gaming
  • Meetings
  • Behind the scenes
  • Flash sales
  • Breaking news

Reach a wider audience

Vastly popular with the gaming and business communities, the Restream platform supports a community of over one million streamers who use their product to appear live on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and 30+ other platforms simultaneously.

Restream regularly works with Fortune 500 companies including Sega, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Bethesda, Origin, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Dreamhack, Yahoo!, Cartoon Network, CBS Interactive, and dozens of other brands.

Creating a rapid & robust infrastructure

Restream partnered with THG Hosting in 2015 to serve as a foundation for their technology. Live streaming, especially on multiple platforms, requires the lowest latency possible and multiple data center locations to keep streams close to global viewership. THG Hosting is one of the few hosting providers capable of providing the speed and locations necessary to support an enterprise-level streaming organization like Restream.

Restream needed a web host that could quickly deploy customized solutions to meet demand. The scalability and elasticity of THG Hosting’s platform has helped Restream successfully deliver streamed video to more than 300 monthly viewers.

Supplying the demand

With thousands of broadcasts streaming per minute, Restream relies on the robust global network of THG Hosting to provide the coverage, speed, and results their platform and viewers require. An expanding userbase and supporting five languages means that Restream depends on the infrastructure and technical know-how of THG Hosting to ensure that their platform will scale for many years to come.

Clients like Restream choose THG Hosting to improve end-user experience without overspending. In the ever-expanding tech industry, keeping prices low is important to a company’s ability to compete. To avoid passing costs onto customers, promising tech companies choose THG Hosting for affordable hosting options that exceed technological requirements.

Put simply, we handle the behind the scenes data technology so Restream can focus beyond streaming technology and towards building a complex, on-demand infrastructure. By doing so, they create millions of jobs for global content creators.

We’ve been working with THG Hosting since 2015. They are constantly improving their network, which directly translates into top-notch service quality. THG Hosting has a great network of servers that easily suits Restream’s needs.

Andrew Surzhynskyi, Restream CTO

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