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Be a THG Hosting Reseller Partner

Our Reseller Partner Program makes it easy to grow your business by reselling Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. Whether you are reselling Bare Metal dedicated servers directly, or you are adding services to them and managing those servers for your customers, THG Hosting is here to help you deliver world-class infrastructure solutions.

Our reseller team will work with you to design solutions that fit your customer requirements – as you build your own business relationships, first lines of support, and customer billing. Whether you are reselling our services in a SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS format, we will work with you to ensure success.

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What would you like to resell?


We have a long list of Resellers that utilize the THG Hosting infrastructure and servers to provide the infrastructure for hundreds of customers. We provide you with servers customized to your needs along with web hosting software such as cPanel or Plesk, to manage your users. You focus on increasing your revenue and providing great support for your customers, while we handle the tech behind the scenes. Whether you have one customer in one geographic location or hundreds across a dozen different locations, we can help you build the exact hosting solution to maximize your reach and sales.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Are you providing big data, machine learning, or artificial intel solutions to your customers? More and more devices are now connected and creating large amounts of data -- whether observatory or machine-generated. The compute, process and delivery of these types of solutions live best in GPU servers. Do you have a solution that needs NVIDIA GPUs? We provide our resellers with the ability to deploy hosted GPU servers across the globe, so you don’t have to worry about infrastructure, CAPEX, or gross margins.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

If you are a Reseller looking for IaaS in more than 30 locations around the globe, THG Hosting is a perfect choice. With data centers high performance solutions in North and South America, Europe, and APAC, we can customize solutions that fit your customer’s exact needs. THG Hosting can put your data where it needs to be. Have more control over your rates, solutions, and business margins. THG Hosting provides the predictability and redundancy you need to expand your business and scale for growth.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We help PaaS companies build infrastructure solutions for their platforms so they can leverage a predictable model for their business growth. Do you need your PaaS to be Geo-diverse? With data centers in multiple continents and spread out over North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, we have helped dozens of PaaS companies build the right-sized infrastructure to help their needs and propel their business growth.


We work with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to sell software solutions to customers with pre-sized infrastructure ready for deployment. We eliminate the need for you or your customers to devote funds for expensive CAPEX investments. Enable your customers, sales and growth by accelerating decision-making time, reducing implementation times, and improving customer satisfaction. Selling your software solution with our infrastructure as a foundation for your product will leave your customers begging for more efficient, secure, and reliable solutions.

What do YOU need?

Are you another kind of reseller? Tell us about it! We love designing customized solutions in conjunction with our partners. Together we can explore new options, industries, and opportunities. We thrive in unique and tailor-fit situations whether it's a specific type of hardware, location, or spec. Let’s chat about what you need today. Contact our expert Sales team.

Ready to talk specs and requirements?

With THG Hosting, you can:

Increase your margins

We provide you IaaS at a discounted rate, so you can improve your margins as you sell your solutions.

Save time

We help you deploy your custom solutions faster, so you can spend more time selling and supporting your customers.

Avoid high capital expenses

We buy the servers and partner with you so you can deliver them as a service with flexible terms, so you and your customers pay for what you need and with room to grow.

Save money

We will customize your solutions and provide you with customized discounted rate cards so you can not only save and earn money but predict future costs as well.

THG Hosting Reseller Perks

  • Competitive discount structure tailored to your solutions
  • You own your customers lifecycle (they are YOUR customers!)
  • Assigned Account Manager to help you grow
  • API so you can automate and connect
  • Fully customizable solutions and reseller packages
  • Marketing assistance with co-branded materials
  • Flexible terms and scalable options
  • Fast deployment of Bare Metal solutions
  • Ability to resell in over 30 data centers around the globe
  • 24-hour expert support
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