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Industry-leading hardware and network.

Servers & Bandwidth

Bare Metal Servers

THG Hosting's Bare Metal servers deliver the performance you need to power your business. Our superfast network, coupled with up to 10Gbps connectivity, provides low-latency throughput wherever you need it.

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Virtual Servers

Our Virtual Servers are reliable, affordable, and loaded with fast storage for maximum performance and redundancy. Let us handle the hosting layer so you are free to focus on your customers and products.

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GPU Servers

Our GPU servers include the capacity to expand in the chassis. As with our standard server models, the processing units are changeable, ensuring your GPU solution is scalable to your requirements.

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VMware Cloud

Our THG Cloud powered by VMware offers you a ready-to-use VMware (IAAS) product, managed and delivered as a service within our global cloud infrastructure. Our product offering includes vSphere, vSAN and the latest NSX-T.

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Global Colocation

Our global colocation services will connect your enterprises, service providers and cloud platforms with superior flexibility and enterprise level bandwidth. Discover industry leading speed to roll out your new services in any number of worldwide locations.

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Experts in the field of web hosting, we have built the ultimate infrastructure for high-throughput solutions. From location to bandwidth allocation, including unmetered and 95th percentile billing, we work with clients to build the ideal hosting solution to suit their specific needs.

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Software & Services


THG Hosting supports a wide range of operating systems and control panel providers. Each can facilitate custom OS templates and control panels to fit perfectly with any number of configurations. We can also help with custom packages and partitions, as well as load virtualization technologies onto your services.

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Support Packages

Choose from two Support Packages options Basic and Supreme for services ranging from performance troubleshooting to server hardening and cron assistance.

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DDoS Mitigation Service

THG Hosting's on demand DDoS mitigation service is specifically designed to prevent any customer downtime regardless of what threat your business faces. As the trusted option for hundreds of global brands worldwide, learn how you can protect your operations by downloading our DDoS brochure.

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Backup Protection

Quickly and easily manage your backup protection from your Console account. No additional logins or dashboards required.

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THG Commerce Platform

THG Commerce is built upon 15 years of continuously optimized, commercially proven commerce features and functionality, built using our own proprietary technology for rapid go-to-market strategies and full global rollout. Our platform now supports THG’s portfolio of over 160 ecommerce websites around the world, and also runs retail sites for some of the world’s leading brands.

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Data Centers

Our worldwide data center footprint is the foundation of everything we do. Through 50+ data centers in 30+ locations, we have the largest network in the entire industry. By connecting to our global backbone network, we will deliver the utmost in high-quality, high-performance hosting infrastructure.

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London Colocation

Discover the full specifications of DC5 our London based colocation data center and explore how our enterprise level interconnection can benefit your business.

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Global Network

Our enterprise-grade network is engineered to support billions of transactions at lightening-fast speed. We use only the highest quality hardware to blend excellent uptime with state-of-the-art control. We have partnered with Tier 1 transit providers like Lumen to support your mission-critical workloads and infrastructure needs at scale through paid for peering.

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THG Link

THG Link allows you to connect and isolate your servers across multiple private networks either in a single region or across our expansive global datacenters. Whether you require a combination of dedicated and cloud hosting, we can connect all your servers, giving you the optimal tailored solution to your specific requirements.

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Automation & Control

THG Hosting offers the tools you need to run your business effortlessly. Automate server creation and management using our powerful REST APIs; IPMI directly and securely into your servers; check usage graphs via the THG Hosting control panel - the control you need to manage your infrastructure is at your fingertips.

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