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Industry-leading hardware and network.

THG Hosting is a one-stop shop for all your hosting needs. We’ve got you covered from industry-leading hardware and software to experts on-demand to answer tough hosting questions. So, whether you choose a bare metal configuration or hybrid cloud, our reliable network, total redundancy, and unbeatable speeds will exceed your expectations.

Our clients choose us because we offer individualized attention and expertise to help them achieve their goals. We know that the future of THG Hosting depends on your growth and we will devote all our resources to help you scale to your true potential. From continuously upgraded hardware and network to new data center locations, our focus is reinvesting in your connections and availability.

The only question now is where do you want to go?

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Servers & Bandwidth

Bare Metal Servers

The performance you need, powered by our superfast network, 10Gbps connectivity, and low-latency throughput wherever you need it.

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Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers from THG Hosting create precision, flexibility, scalability, and speed exactly where and when you need it.

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GPU Servers

Harness the power of parallel processing to save time and money for your high-performance computing tasks.

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Add 50TB, 100TB or 500TB of monthly bandwidth usage to your Bare Metal servers in a few clicks to avoid hefty overages.

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Software & Services


Our range of operating systems, control panels, and additional security layers is everything your infrastructure requires.

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Backup Protection

We’ve partnered with R1Soft to bring you block-level backup capabilities that you control. Incrementally backup your data in minutes, not hours, on a schedule that you design.

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Managed VMware Cloud

Leave the management and configuration of your cloud environment to the experts with the flexibility, security, and reliability you need.

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