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THG Hosting is THE ULTIMATE CHOICE for your unmetered, unthrottled bandwidth hosting needs. Our pricing and industry-leading bandwidth allotments are unbeatable. With more than twenty years of experience planning and building the ultimate infrastructure for high-throughput solutions, we are true experts in the field of web hosting. By combining our 50+ data center locations with our unbeatable network, we are perfectly equipped to provide unimaginable amounts of unthrottled bandwidth to and from your server.
It’s simple. Choose your server solution from high-performance options. Then choose your locations from our data center map. Lastly, choose your bandwidth from our wide array of server allotments. Do you prefer an unmetered option? Is 95th percentile billing more your speed? All are options available to you with THG Hosting. Work with your dedicated Account Manager to determine the best fit for you, and in which locations each option is available. Once completed, you’re now ready to provision your hosting solution for unbeatable performance, speed, and reliability!
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Bare Metal is for Bandwidth

Bare metal hosting is our bread and butter. We’ve carefully constructed a solid foundation totally optimized for ultimate power, performance, and redundancy. More importantly, we’ve carefully built teams of experts ready to help you build a bare metal solution with the optimal amount of bandwidth for your workload.
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Bandwidth is available in 20TB, 50TB, or even 100TB+ allotments for your bare metal server. Need more? No problem! Quickly and easily add bandwidth in small or large increments in THG Hosting locations to meet your monthly usage. Simply log into your THG Hosting account and select the amount of bandwidth you need to meet usage. Your dedicated Account Manager can help you predict usage to avoid costly overages.
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Unmetered Bandwidth

Avoid costly bandwidth overage charges with unmetered hosting. Get all the bandwidth you need at the pace you need it. Our unthrottled, unmetered bandwidth is as close as you will find to truly unlimited bandwidth. Currently available in both 1Gbps and 10Gbps variations in select locations, unmetered bandwidth from THG Hosting is the perfect hosting solution for organizations that experience extremely high loads or unpredictable traffic bursts.

Not sure if unmetered bandwidth is for you? Below are examples of businesses, websites, and organizations that typically benefit from unmetered, unthrottled bandwidth:

  • Ecommerce retailers with a large customer base or that offer large promotions that cause traffic bursts
  • Online streaming websites that cast live streams or have a high number of viewers
  • Hosting Resellers looking to provide industry-leading services to their customers
  • Users pushing live data or high volumes of information
  • Organizations who capture or process large amounts of unstructured data
  • Well established blogs and news sites with regular readers and clearly defined traffic spikes or high usage times
  • Online gaming sites that require high-speed platforms and low latency
  • Application developers who are looking to push a lot of data in a short period of time
  • VPN services with a large customer base or that looking to expand their userbase in the near future

Bill at the 95th Percentile

95th percentile billing is an easy way to save money when dealing with bursts in traffic. Many organizations have switched to this bandwidth billing selection to take advantage of what many call ‘burstable bandwidth’ when consuming greater bandwidth for short periods of time. THG Hosting helps you cut costs by calculating the top 5% of consumption per month and removing it before totaling bandwidth costs.

Billing at the 95th percentile allows companies to easily cope with traffic bursts without overshooting hosting budgets. For example, a typical account has a log with traffic peaks and troughs. Each month, the total bandwidth is calculated and billed. The more traffic, the higher the bill. Traditional bandwidth billing can be a budget nightmare if traffic spikes or bursts. However, 95th percentile billing automatically removes the top 5% of traffic spikes and is not billed – meaning lower bandwidth costs and predictable hosting bills.
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Global Data Centers

We operate world-class data centers in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York City, and Salt Lake City & our global partnerships with other carefully selected service providers enables us to offer hosting in 30+ locations across five continents.
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