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Low latency, large scale hosting

Launching new games into the global marketplace requires a robust and expandable online infrastructure. As a result, games developers are turning to our high-performing networks. Our Intel Xeon CPUs, ultra-fast SSDs, and NVIDIA GPUs deliver gamer data with minimal delays, keeping players close to the action.

THG Hosting is the optimal solution for game developers and innovators with top-tier server hardware in data centers located next to major internet exchanges across the globe. We understand the technical advantages you gain by choosing a web host who only employs the best brands, including NVIDIA, Arbor, Noction, and other industry-leading tech companies. All our data centers are powered by the best gear to create the optimum game and application performance.

Why Host with THG Hosting

Latency Kills

Latency, or the delay between a device sending an information request and receiving a response, can ruin the online gaming experience. To combat this, we have more than 30 global data centers using advanced Noction routing for seamless, high-quality gameplay.

High-Quality Peering

Every bit of digital data must be distributed to user consoles, computers, smartphones, and tablets. Therefore, we partner with 30+ of the world’s largest peering and transit providers. Keeping players online with zero packet loss underpins a seamless and addictive gaming experience.

Flexible Billing

Don’t let cost get in the way of a gaming success story. We offer flexible billing and rapid service provision, so top titles won’t damage your bottom line. We don’t think you should have to pay upfront for extra bandwidth or server space if it might not be needed that month.

Ready to deploy your game to the world?

Be sure that you offer the best in:

Quality peering partners

Industry standard ISP partners

Global Locations

Global locations

Large and fast deployments

Customizable solutions

State-of-the-art API

Flexible billing

Bandwidth on-demand

99.995% Uptime SLA

We guarantee that your server will be running 99.995% of the time or we will give you your money back – no questions asked.

IPMI Access

Have full control over your dedicated server with total IPMI access. Your server, your control.

Unthrottled Traffic

Never deal with throttled bandwidth again. THG Hosting is full speed all the time.

24/7 Expert Support

Have a question about your services? No problem. Our expert support staff is available around the clock.

30+ Data Centers

We have spent a decade finding the best data center locations near major internet exchanges to give you the best speeds.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with your THG Hosting experience? No problem. We guarantee your money back if you are not pleased.

Additional Bandwidth Available

Tired of bandwidth overages? Quickly and easily add 50TB, 100TB, or 500TB bandwidth to your account for a low, one-time fee.

Free SSL Certificates

Add an additional layer of security to your server with a free Comodo SSL Certificate for total data encryption.


Effortlessly create backups of your data as often as you would like with our R1Soft partnership for ultimate backup protection.

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