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Blazing fast and reliable game servers for seamless gaming experiences

The ultimate gaming experience is here so you can keep your players online with zero packet loss. At THG Hosting, we work with the world’s largest peering and transit providers to offer your users a robust and lag-free gaming experience. Our worldwide data center footprint coupled with our enduring partnerships with industry-leading brands including NVIDIA and Noction allow us to ensure our data centers are packed with top-tier and cutting-edge hardware – just what you need to leverage optimum gaming and application performance.

Enhance multiplayer gaming or power your most complex software programs with our dynamic and scalable hosting solutions that can handle intensive compute workloads. Our Intel Xeon CPUs, ultra-fast SSDs, and NVIDIA GPUs deliver gamer data with minimal delays, keeping your players connected and close to all the action.

Experience total control over your dedicated servers with an intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) with minimal latency while maximising cost savings. You can scale your resources up and down depending on demand and ensure instant delivery meeting all your online gaming requirements.

Powering gaming companies across the globe

Ultra-fast, lag-free deployments

Achieve superior performance with our dedicated, instant delivery servers that align with your accelerated computing applications.

Low latency multiplayer gaming

With 50+ data centers in 30+ locations using Noction routing, we eliminate any stability and connectivity issues so you can deliver smooth and responsive gameplay anywhere in the world.

Flexible, unthrottled bandwidth

Our unmetered bandwidth packages offer you the optimal hosting solution for your business – currently available in both 1GBPS and 10GBPS variations in selected locations.

Guaranteed 24/7 uptime

With our high performance and powerful servers, you are guaranteed 24/7 uptime 99.995% of the time or you get your money back – no questions asked.

Customizable hosting solutions

Level up your gaming user experience - speak to us about your infrastructure requirements and we can facilitate it regardless of your preferred operating system, platform or application delivery.

Flexible billing options

Choose from a range of affordable options to find the ideal hosting solution for your business. We also offer 95th percentile billing so you can optimize your infrastructure costs.

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reduce load times and greatly increase overall reliability.”

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