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There’s nothing we love more than working with entrepreneurs and helping them succeed. We love the innovation, the energy, and the drive to create something that’s never been. Over the years, we have worked hard to maintain the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit that transforms of an idea into a fast-moving business to share with our clients. This essence is exactly why we've built our infrastructure to scale with growing startups and designed services to meet accurately and efficiently meet their needs.

Whether you are looking to begin your startup foundation with a Bare Metal dedicated server or Virtual Cloud, THG Hosting has the infrastructure, network, and know-how you need to aim high and achieve your goals. We know the amount of work that it takes to successfully launch an idea, which is why we will handle the technical aspects and let you worry about what really matters: your business.


Startups have the potential to experience exponential growth, which can lead to infrastructure problems if preparations are not made. Our on-demand platform is built to rapidly scale with your growing business as you head into the future.


Our network is designed for high-performance applications and we’re constantly exploring the next-generation of client needs. We’ll enable you to build without technical constraint as our relentless drive means we always strive to improve our platform with the latest hardware and innovations.


We understand startups and our team of experts will help you feel reassured as you venture into entrepreneurship. We are on hand 24 hours a day to help you solve any teething problems you may face as you lay the foundations of your business.

Elements of a successful startup include:



Global connectivity





Backup Capability

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