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Automation & Control

Unparalleled products and services at your fingertips.

THG Hosting offers the tools you need to run your business effortlessly. Automate server creation and management using our powerful REST APIs; IPMI directly and securely into your servers; check usage graphs via the THG Hosting control panel - the control you need to manage your infrastructure is at your fingertips.

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THG Hosting Control Panel

Use the THG Hosting control panel to:

  • Manage your account, billing and payments and internal users.
  • Monitor usage of services and bandwidth.
  • Instantly add extra bandwidth by data centre location.

Rest API

Our Rest API allows you to programmatically control your utilisation of THG Hosting products, services and account features. Automate the creation and management of servers, manage DNS and IP addresses, create support tickets and much more.

Bare Metal Servers

Spending less time on the management of your infrastructure means you can focus on adding real value to your business and customers. Let us help with the mundane and repetitive tasks.

  • Automated deployment: your Bare Metal Servers can be up and running within minutes, not days.
  • Easily reboot your systems with full partition control. You can also update BIOS/firmware in an automated fashion.
  • Manage network ports, setup rDNS, and add IP addresses (including IPv6) automatically.
  • Full API access and control.
  • IPMI access to Bare Metal Servers.

Cloud and Virtual Private Servers

Our cloud and VPS platforms give the flexibility and scalability you need - ideal for short-term projects, test and development or for when demand is unpredictable.

  • On-demand deployment: get your service online in seconds.
  • Flexibility: transfer nodes between locations.
  • Control: setup as many private networks as you need.
  • Backup: take as many server snapshots as you need.
  • Remote access: console into your VPS for security.
  • Scalable: resize your VMs with automatic triggers or on the fly.
  • Analytics: graphing of all key resource points (CPU, disk, RAM, bandwidth and more).


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