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Hybrid Solutions

THG Hosting is primed to support your on-premise hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud represents a blend of cloud services and physical hardware to create customized solutions to tackle complicated workloads. Hybrid computing is quickly becoming the best of both worlds when creating hosting solutions thanks to its scalability, flexibility, security, and cost-efficiency.

THG Hosting’s global data footprint is optimally designed to support fully managed services build by cloud providers. Our top tier data centres can house and connect both AWS Outpost and Google Anthos solutions. With 30+ data centre locations, we can help you cut latency and expenses to scale and access your data via your preferred cloud platform.

So, whether you are looking to deploy a full rack of AWS hardware or want to manage a complex containerized platform with Google Anthos, THG Hosting is here to support your solutions however we can with exclusive locations that span five continents, inexpensive bandwidth, and expert support.

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AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts

Connect your data to AWS Regions via THG Hosting network.

AWS Outposts are integrated hardware racks deployed in THG Hosting locations. Each Outpost runs native AWS environments that can connect directly to the AWS public cloud. Deploy an AWS Outpost to manage, provision, and operate your IT resources both on-premise and in the cloud.

As fully managed AWS Services deployments located in any THG Hosting data centre location, AWS Outposts provide the same hardware, software, API, and services that you would normally access via the AWS Cloud, but instead connect via THG Hosting’s industry-leading network connections. You will have full access to AWS tools and services but with a much less expensive transit budget.

AWS Outposts create an optimal experience for organizations with stringent security controls, are geographically distant from AWS Regions, or require a completely managed hybrid cloud solution.

AWS Outposts allows you to securely store and process customer data that needs to remain on-premises or in countries where there is no AWS region. This is important for companies in highly regulated industries and countries with data sovereignty requirements.


Benefits of AWS Outposts

  • Consistent hybrid experience
  • Compatible with all AWS tools
  • Create high availability instances
  • Enhanced security with continuous monitoring
  • Cut latency between Outpost and Region
  • Lower computing costs

Google Anthos

Google Anthos

Provision and manage your GCP solution on-premise.

Google Anthos is the next step for GCP that combines Google Cloud, GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), on-premise hardware, and the Anthos Config Management console. It’s used to create a single, cooperative front to manage administration, security, and policies across multicloud Kubernetes deployments.

Anthos gives you the unique ability to manage your applications from anywhere while simultaneously protecting them from corruption. Whether your deployments are legacy or cloud native, Anthos creates a consistent platform for all administrations. Seamlessly modernize and develop via Google’s open source framework. With lowered costs, reduced overhead, and less licensing costs, partnering with THG Hosting and Anthos can transform your cloud experience.

Our application platform provides a consistent development and operations experience across all your deployments while reducing operational overhead and improving developer productivity.

- Google Anthos

Benefits of Google Anthos

  • Optimized management & administration
  • Containerized development configuration
  • Single dashboard management
  • Decrease software go to market time
  • Protect and secure applications
  • Reduce IT costs

Hybrid Hosting

Create a hybrid cloud solution with THG Hosting bare metal infrastructure.

Need the performance of physical servers with the scalability of the cloud? You’re not alone. Meeting a variable workload can be a challenge. Many organizations don’t want to pay for more than they plan to use, but also need to meet their peak traffic requirements. A bare metal and cloud blend can help you reduce infrastructure costs without sacrificing performance. Let our solutions architects help you build an optimized solution.

Start building your Hybrid Cloud solution today!

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