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Managed VMware Cloud

If you want to leave the configuration and ongoing management of your cloud environment to the experts, then look no further. The combination of our world-class cloud engineers along with VMware’s market-leading cloud toolset means we can design, deliver and operate a cloud platform for your specific needs. Your own private cloud; public cloud virtual machines; or a hybrid approach combining the best of both worlds – choose the right solution for your workloads, budget and compliance requirements and we’ll do the rest.


Cope effortlessly with peaks and troughs in demand by scaling your cloud environment on-demand.


We’ll do the heavy lifting and take care of day-to-day operations. This leaves your IT resources focused where you need them – on building competitive advantage in your market sector.


Our data centres are ISO27001 certified, so we can help you by designing a cloud environment to meet the specific compliance needs of your industry.


Achieve a significantly lower total cost of ownership by right-sizing your environment, transitioning to an opex-led model, and focusing your IT resources on activities that add serious business value.


Private Cloud

Enjoy the flexibility of cloud combined with the performance and security of your own dedicated infrastructure. Ideal for workloads with strict compliance requirements or for when you want control of everything down to the hardware layer.

Public Cloud

The ultimate in low-cost efficiency and flexibility. Manage traffic spikes without the need to commit to long-term hardware contracts. Also ideal for short-term projects, test and development, or for when you want to get an idea to market quickly.

Hybrid Cloud

The best of both worlds. We’ll design you a bespoke private cloud environment with the ability to scale using public cloud virtual machines as necessary.


Bare Metal Servers

Our Bare Metal Dedicated server range delivers maximum performance. As a powerful network is built on enterprise-grade hardware, THG Hosting’s bare metal ensures that you have full control of your environment.

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Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a cost-effective and reliable way to build your environment. Fast SSD storage ensures your websites and apps deliver the performance your end users demand.

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