No time for delay: how to deliver video streaming at scale

As one of the world’s fastest-growing platforms, video streaming is big business. In fact, video streaming revenue is expected to show annual growth of more than 11%; user penetration will increase from 14% (2021) to 18% in 2025. 

With a variety of factors impacting your bottom line, video streaming is a competitive market to exist in. Ensuring a quality user experience is key. Only with IT infrastructure tailored to your specific requirements can a media streaming platform compete today.

In our new insight guide, No time for delay | How to deliver video streaming at scale, we investigate the ins and outs of building resilient, agile, and mobilized foundations for video streaming at scale.

Here’s a quick overview of the issues confronting video streaming platforms today.

Building foundations for streaming success 

If your streaming service isn’t up to scratch, the cost to your reputation could be incalculable. Streaming video is complex; it involves encoding large media files at multiple bit rates, all the while pushing streams to users who are accessing your content from various devices. 

Few providers offer networks built to cope with large data transfer volumes. That’s why finding the right partner who can provide the services, support, and solutions built to your specific needs is so important. 

On-demand and always on 

Customers expect your content to be available anytime, anywhere. Indeed, if a user finds your platform unavailable, even for a brief time, they will likely seek a competitor who is ‘always on’.

When looking for a hosting partner, you should expect nothing less than a 99.995% uptime SLA. Your infrastructure should also be 100% redundant; this means that additional network devices are in place in the instance of a failure, keeping your streaming platform live at all times.

One of the many benefits of outsourcing your network requirements is that your provider is responsible for fixing issues, as and when they arise. All THG Hosting customers have 24/7 access to expert technical support, providing peace of mind that we’re available to provide assistance when it’s needed most.

Quality and quantity

Latency is the killer of any media streaming platform. Most networks aren’t designed to handle the huge volumes of streaming data required to serve your video content. High-quality streaming servers should be able to accept H.264 content in a variety of formats.

Of equal importance is the server’s ability to adjust the quality of files as they are being distributed, according to fluctuations in each end user’s connection speeds. This is known as adaptive bitrate streaming (or ABR). 

To facilitate the correct balance of performance and scalability, you need a versatile mix of services. Depending on the specific requirements of your business, your implementation will be unique.   

Download our insight guide to learn more about building a resilient streaming platform in an increasingly competitive market.  

Industry-leading streaming platforms choose THG Hosting

Some of the world’s most disruptive video streaming companies are among our largest accounts. They choose us due to our expertise, personal touch, and optimized streaming environment. 

“We’ve been working with THG Hosting since 2015. They are constantly improving their network, which directly translates into top-notch service quality. THG Hosting has a great network of servers that easily suits Restream’s needs.”

Andrew Surzhynskyi, Restream CTO

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