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Specialized Solutions

Customized to meet your exact requirements.

By use case

IaaS & Dedicated Hosting

Whether you need a single server or over a 1000 servers deployed across the globe, our expert team can help you provision the hosting solution you need in industry-leading time.

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High Performance Computing

Enhance and simplify high intensity tasks for ground-breaking results.

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Test Drive THG Hosting

You’re not quite convinced that the THG Hosting platform meets your requirements, let us put our money where our mouth is. We are so certain that our speed, power, and redundancy is exactly what you need that we want you to try it out with full IPMI access and no commitment necessary.

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By industry


Our bare metal servers, superior hardware, and vast network are the perfect combination for full-performance ecommerce hosting. Customize a solution to easily handle extreme surges in customer demand with auto-elasticity.

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Media & Streaming

Discuss an optimized solution to meet your custom requirements. No matter the specifications you are trying to meet, we are confident that we can make the seemingly impossible, possible.

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Gaming Innovators

Games developers choose THG Hosting for our high-performing networks, global data center footprint, and ability to tailor solutions to every client's specific requirements.

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Big Data

Our scalable, on-demand solutions offer an unprecedented level of insight into your data. We create customized solutions for complex hosting issues that require high-performance infrastructure, rapid deployment, and industry-leading redundancy to help you demand more from the data you collect.

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Startups & Entrepreneurs

Whether you are looking to begin your startup foundation with a Bare Metal dedicated server or Virtual Cloud, THG Hosting has the infrastructure, network, and know-how you need to aim high and achieve your goals.

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As a VPN provider, you need secure, reliable, and powerful connections to a variety of locations around the globe. Our services are custom-built to provide the bandwidth, connectivity, and redundancy necessary for optimized VPN delivery.

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Our bare metal servers, secure network, and NVIDIA GPUs deliver the power and flexibility required by large VFX houses today. We provide remote rendering and workstation services as part of our IaaS platforms. With flexible specs, terms, and GPU support, our VFX customers benefit from premium performance on a global scale.

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