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High Performance Computing

Whether you are rendering media, ray tracing graphics, or training Deep Learning models, High-Performance Computing (HPC) is the act of aggregating computer power to process tremendous amounts of data. GPU’s unique ability to process many cores at the same time allows you to expand your processing power exponentially.

High-performance computing can benefit almost any industry:

Computational Finance

Climate, Weather and Ocean Modeling

Data Science and Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Federal, Defense and Intelligence



Media & Entertainment

Medical Imaging

Oil and Gas

Safety and Security

Tools and Management

GPU Servers

GPU Dedicated Servers

Harness more processing power with a GPU hosting solution from THG Hosting. We have partnered with NVIDIA to provide industry-leading GPU servers, while also offering cost-effective, highly scalable solutions.

Create simultaneous computing and a shared workload through concurrent GPU processing to boost your speeds up to tenfold.


Deep Learning Inference

  • 47
    Tesla V100
  • 15
    Tesla P100
  • 1
    1X CPU

Tesla V100 produces 47X Higher Throughput than CPU Server

Video Transcode & Interference on H.264 Streams

  • 35
    Tesla P4 
  • 14
    Tesla M4
  • 2
[Nota, Dual CPU Xeon E5-2650v4 | Tesla GPU M4 and P4 | Ubuntu 14.0.4. G264 benchmark with FFMPEG, slow prevent | HD = 72Dp at 3D frames per second.]

Normal CPU can transcode 2 frames per second compared to the Tesla P4’s 35 per second rate

View our Dedicated GPU Servers

We offer GPU servers in Salt Lake City, London, Frankfurt, New York, and Amsterdam. Perfect for anyone interested in quickly processing large amounts of data. GPU servers starting at less than $900 per month.

Cost to Compute Ratio

What is your cost-to-compute ratio? If your business often utilizes high-performance computing to complete multiple business critical workloads and tasks, it pays to consider your monthly cost to compute. We can help.

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