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Industry leading VMware Cloud Director for Enterprise Cloud Management and NSX-T


Achieve a significantly lower total cost of ownership by right-sizing your environment, transitioning to an opex-led model, and focusing your IT resources on activities that add serious business value


Discover our state-of-the-art data centers around the globe with associated accreditations and resilient design


Using the latest Intel Xeon CPU chipset, THG can achieve exceptional cloud platform performance

THG Hosting Cloud – Powered by VMware

Our THG Cloud powered by VMware offers you a ready-to-use VMware (IAAS) product, managed and delivered as a service within our global cloud infrastructure. Our product offering includes vSphere, vSAN and the latest NSX-T. As a customer, your access to this platform will be via the world renowned VMware Cloud Director platform.

THG Hosting Cloud will allow VMware vSphere proficient administrators to consume cloud resources with a similar look-and-feel cloud portal user interface. You can use our VMware toolsets in exactly the same way as your own VMware environment.

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Gain the Advantage

We have created a VMware‐based cloud platform that lets you take advantage of the latest software technology offerings like Software‐Defined Data Centres and Cloud Management.

Cloud Virtualisation allows for more efficient use of pooled physical infrastructure through hardware resource abstraction to virtual instances.

THG Hosting is backed by a global network of high‐availability enterprise data centers, underpinned by a 99.995% network uptime SLA and supported around the clock by engineers and account managers. Our experts ensure your own IT personnel can focus on other matters, safe in the knowledge we’ll keep the lights on in any eventuality.

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A Friendly Face With a World View

THG is a global organization, with datacenters in over thirty locations across five continents. Each center is packed with brand new state‐of‐the‐art hardware, reflecting our enduring partnerships with leading IT vendors and distributors. Not only do we have a wider reach than any of our competitors, we can also deliver high‐end hosting solutions more quickly and effectively – while retaining a friendly and personable relationship with you along the way.

The Ultimate in Managed Security

We’re proud of our security solutions, with patching and scanning tied into our existing operations. Our full list of accreditations would fill this page, but highlights include ISO27001, SOC 1 & 2, HIPAA, EU Model Clause and EU Privacy Shield.

Saving You Money & Resources

It’s possible to reduce the total cost of hosting solutions by transitioning to an OpEx‐led finance model, which additionally ensures your existing IT resources can be redirected to more profitable activities. Our offerings are charged on a per‐month basis with low initial costs, and being able to reduce monthly bills also makes them more predictable and transparent.

Our VMware solutions

NSX-T vCenter Server VMware
Cloud Director
Cloud Foundation
NSX‐T implements virtual networks on physical ones. It lets clients dynamically initialise, control and manage networks and security through routing, firewalling and load balancing. This server management tool provides centralised control over vSphere environments, automating a virtual infrastructure across hybrid clouds. VCenter offers analytics of virtual machines, clusters, hosts and cloud infrastructure, rapidly scaling virtual machines and hosts up and down. Cloud Director allows customers and tenants to self‐provision compute, storage and sophisticated network configurations in one place. It’s also possible to deploy Kubernetes‐based workloads under the Container Service Extension model, fully isolated from other workspace environments. VMware Cloud Foundation is a hybrid cloud platform designed to manage VMs and orchestrate containers, built on full‐stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology. It enables consistent and secure infrastructure and operations, across private and public cloud or a hybrid solution.

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