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Media & Streaming

High-performance streaming infrastructure for flawless, on-demand media.

Streaming video is complex. It involves encoding large media files at multiple bit rates while pushing streams to an audience accessing your content from a variety of devices. To be sure that the end user experience is seamless, you need an optimized streaming infrastructure with experts on-hand. Our platforms are designed to deliver on-demand, high-quality video at an immense scale to meet your requirements.

The world of streaming applications and requirements are constantly evolving. To be sure you are at the top of your game, let's discuss an optimized solution to meet YOUR custom requirements. No matter the specifications you are trying to meet, we are confident that we can make the seemingly impossible, possible.

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Global Infrastructure

Each of our data center locations is specifically chosen due to their proximity to internet exchanges. Our locations offer at least one fully-redundant network to deliver content with minimal buffering and maximum uptime.


Our solutions experts live for customized platforms built to scale. Whether you’re looking to distribute live streams in an origin and edge-point configuration, or you are an established video-on-demand service, we will tailor-build a solution that meets your requirements.


The world’s most disruptive video streaming companies are among some of our largest accounts. They choose us because of our knowledgeable staff and optimized streaming environment. Trust us, when it comes to delivering a high-quality streaming service, you’re going to want us in your corner.

Cope with Demand Spikes

Our network is specifically designed to cope comfortably with large data transfer volumes. We consistently sustain over 250Gbps to the internet from our media streaming clients, peaking at almost 1Tbps resulting in over 200PB of data being transferred across our network per month

Media And Streaming Image
Media And Streaming Image
Media And Streaming Image

Quick Provisioning

Once you have chosen your server, we will have it provisioned and ready to use at industry-leading speeds.

99.995% Uptime SLA

We guarantee that your server will be running 99.995% of the time or we will give you your money back – no questions asked.

IPMI Access

Have full control over your dedicated server with total IPMI access. Your server, your control.

Unthrottled Traffic

Never deal with throttled bandwidth again. THG Hosting is full speed all the time.

24/7 Expert Support

Have a question about your services? No problem. Our expert support staff is available around the clock.

Global Locations

Host your data on one or five continents with our global network and data center locations.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with your THG Hosting experience? No problem. We guarantee your money back if you are not pleased.

Wide OS Selection

Choose from a wide variety of server OS and control panels. From Windows Server to a variety of Linux distros, we have what you need.

Total Redundancy

From power source to network connections, the THG Hosting infrastructure is 100% redundant to keep you connected.

Stream your data from every corner of the globe. Let THG Hosting help.

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