Simplify New Sign-Ups For Streaming Media

Of all the technological phenomena which have evolved throughout this decade, streaming media may be the most significant. It’s been uniquely disruptive, revolutionizing traditional models of media consumption like cable TV. It’s effectively killed off the DVD and the CD, but it’s introduced a generation of music lovers to the concept of curated playlists – a contemporary take on the classic mixtape. 

As the undisputed market leader in streaming media services, Netflix’s slick interface and sophisticated recommendation engine have established a high bar. Nowhere is this professionalism more evident than in the process of new customer sign-ups for streaming media services. Registering a Netflix account is child’s play, as it should be on any audio or video-based streaming portal. Customers simply choose a payment plan, add an email address and password, and enter their payment information.

You can request additional data fields like password recovery cell phone numbers once an account has been activated. By then you can assume that registrants will be venturing onto the platform to check out available content. 

Simplifying sign-ups for streaming media services 

So how can a new entrant to this increasingly mature market simplify sign-ups for streaming media services? We’ve listed some of the ways to make sure that people aren’t deterred from completing the sign-up process… 

1. Develop a single, universal login process. 

Users should access an identical registration process whether it’s performed via a smartphone, a Surface Pro or a smart TV. This makes the sign-up process familiar when people register additional accounts for their kids or friends. 

2. Ensure the first step involves entering an email address and password. 

That way, even if a prospective customer fails to complete the process, you can send them an email reminder encouraging them to finish their registration later. 

3. Default to the most affordable pricing campaign, or let people join without charge. 

App-based games demonstrate the power of the freemium business model. They give users a basic free service, promising unlimited access in exchange for payment. 

4. Provide step-by-step encouragements. 

Add screenshots of key content to each stage, reminding people why they’re signing up. Overlay each graphic with messages like “Almost there…” or “only two more steps to enjoy [insert quantity] of content”. 

5. Skip non-essential fields. 

The initial account registration process should focus exclusively on essential data like passwords. Once a user activates an account, it is then time to request location data or ask how people heard about your brand. 

6. Offer multiple payment methods. 

Today’s consumers expect to be able to use the payment platform of their preference. Online tools such as PayPal and Apple Pay tend to offer one-click setup, simplifying sign-ups for streaming media services. 

7. Save personalization until later. 

Once people have successfully signed up, send them an email link to a short questionnaire regarding interests and preferences. This powers the recommendation engine, tailoring suggestions in accordance with their tastes.